General Conditions

These Terms and Conditions stipulate the terms and conditions under which provided the B-Parts service and define the rules for the participation of individuals or entities registered in said service. The provision of the B-parts service is dependent on the full acceptance of these terms and conditions, so that any user who does not agree or not to commit to behave in accordance with these you can not use that service. The interpretation of these terms and conditions is the exclusive competence of B-Parts, which reserves the right to modify them at any time.


B-Parts offers an online service that provides users with a website in order to promote the dissemination of pieces of purchase intentions and motor vehicle accessories, by auto repair shops (“Repairers“).


  1. Because of the demand registered by Repairers, the B-Parts acquire the parts whose intention acquisition was expressed by Repairers, for resale to these.
  2. The B-Parts ensures the transport of parts subject of the transaction, being the shipping costs reported with every order.
  3. The user can always choose to apply for an increase in the value of the insurance previously agreed with the carrier.

Access Conditions

  1. The admission of users to the site is subject to acceptance by the B-Parts.
  2. Each user can have only one record, the B-Parts may cancel any subsequent registration made by the same individual or entity.
  3. The records are non-transferable and the holder thereof solely responsible for actions taken with your registration.

General Usage Terms

  1. Access to and use of the electronic platform is free.
  2. The B-Parts may offer special services to users (including through SMS alerts), which will be the subject of payment, under conditions agreed in each case.
  3. The B-Parts can delete the user from using the website or any of its features, in case of violation of any of the obligations of these General Conditions.
  4. The B-Parts reserves the right to temporarily suspend the website for technical reasons, or for reasons beyond its control.


  1. The payment resulting from the acquisitions made under this service by Repairers is made directly to the B-Parts.
  2. Repairers can make payments through any of the following means:
  3. Credit Card - The order can be paid by one of the credit cards VISA or MasterCard network
  4. ATM - The order can also be paid by ATM cash at an ATM or through home banking.
  5. Bank Transfer to the IBAN PT50 0007 0000 00195738047 23
  6. At the time of purchase, the user is informed of the Entity / Reference / Amount and have two hours to settle. If the order is not paid within this period, it is automatically canceled. Your order will be processed only after payment is made.

Return policy

The customer is aware that all products sold by B-PARTS are used, extracted from salvage cars, prepared and verified parts for reuse.

Return Policy

The shipping costs will always be charged to the customer, regardless of the reason which led to their return.

If the product(s) do(es) not conform to the description presented by B-PARTS.COM as specified on the invoice, the return will be accepted if the customer has made their claim within 14 days after the delivery.

Nonconforming product

  1. It is necessary to return a nonconforming Product.
  2. B-PARTS.com shall send a replacement product, if one exists in stock with an equivalent price and characteristics.
  3. If that is not possible, B-PARTS.COM will issue a refund.

Misidentified product

  1. If B-PARTS.com is responsible for the error the procedure is the same as for non-conforming products.
  2. If the customer is responsible for the error: An invoice of 10% of the purchase value will be issued, from a minimum of €10 to a maximum of €50 for packaging, handling and logistics costs.
  3. In case of possible compatibility of available parts (i.e. different models, same part), B-PARTS.com will not be responsible for incompatibilities. Therefore the Customer must always verify that the product he or she is buying is correct. Otherwise, he or she will have to pay 10% of the purchase value in a minimum of €10 to a maximum of €50 for packaging, handling and logistics costs.


B-PARTS.COM offers warranty on all its products, as long as the assembly of the parts is carried out in workshops regulated by law. The warranty period is shown on each product page.

If failures or errors occur during the warranty period you must notify and deliver the goods subject to warranty to B-PARTS.com for evaluation of the product (s) and make changes if necessary or refund them.

The following cases are excluded from this warranty:

  1. Consumables and wear parts.
  2. Damage due to transportation not reported within 24 hours upon delivery.
  3. Damage or defects of paint, since the parts are used

A/C Compressors

No warranty is accepted if the following steps are not followed:

  1. Filter Replacement.
  2. Cleaning the circuit using suitable equipment and liquids.
  3. Check if the expansion valve is in good condition, otherwise it should be replaced. In case the cold circuit uses throttle valve, it must be replaced.
  4. Use the appropriate gas for which the compressor is designed.
  5. Check the compressor oil level after assembly.

B-PARTS.com shall have no liability for guarantees and / or returns in cases where the parts need special installation and / or adaptations, the setup/coding must be previously considered by the customer before the purchase.


  1. COMPLETE ENGINES without accessories - We ensure the main part of the engine, engine head, block, crankcase and its interior components. COMPLETE ENGINES with accessories - We ensure, injection system, engine head, block, crankcase and its interior components. Diesel engines, the injection pump and the turbo in the case of an engine with turbocharger. The outer parts are excluded which may be mounted on the engine such as the injector body, nozzles, timing, coils, water pump, clutch, intake and exhaust manifolds, radiators different, depressants, fans, sensors and systems electrical or any other part not listed above.
  2. Timing belt must be changed, failing to prove its exchange invalidates the warranty.
  3. The heating and overheating of the engine for reasons unknown to the engine.
  4. Improper use of oils and other fluids.

Other Considerations

The products sold by B-PARTS.COM are duly identified by brands and their own recordings, for the correct identification of their source and origin in case of return. Such marks and recordings cannot be manipulated.

Labour work and replacement vehicles are absolutely excluded from the warranty in all cases.

The invoice is your proof for any claim, so it must be kept by the customer to exercise their rights.

How to submit a complaint

Complaints concerning the product status must be submitted no later than 14 days after delivery of the goods. The complaint has to be emailed to geral@b-parts.com, with pictures and description of the product's problem.

Submitted the complaint is initiated investigation process to check if, in fact, the material is damaged or inconsistent with the description presented by B-PARTS.com. B-PARTS.COM will reply within 1 weekday. In case we're dealing with a Heavy Mechanical part (e.g. Complete Engine, Gearbox, ...), B-Parts will send an evaluator to audit the problem, within 3 weekdays. The evaluator will send a report within 5 weekdays. B-Parts will then issue a final report within 7 weekdays from the beginning of the complaint.

User Responsibility

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the user undertakes to:

  1. Provide and maintain truthful identification data, complete and current
  2. Keep confidential the access data to the B-Parts registration and only use the register that is holder, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with the same record, even by third parties, with or without their consent
  3. only adopt behaviors that do not break the law in force or which affect, in any way, legally protected positions
  4. Comply with all obligations arising from purchases of parts supplied by B-parts
  5. Take full and sole responsibility for the accuracy of advertisement data and its suitability for the ad content.

Privacy Policy

  1. The B-Parts values the privacy of its users and in this sense is committed to respect it, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of data entered by users, ensuring respect for commercial confidentiality.
  2. The privacy policy adopted by the B-Parts has the intention to ensure that users conditions Security and Privacy, and only requested and collected the data necessary to provide the service, in accordance with explicit directions on the site.
  3. The user identification data collection will be made by completing an online registration form and will occur in accordance with the strictest safety regulations.
  4. The information collected is used by the B-Parts to enable the delivery of service in order to allow communication of auto parts purchase intentions and for the issue of proof of payment.
  5. In addition, the B-Parts may provide personal data to the competent legal authorities in cases where such data is requested by such entities as a result of investigations into illegal activities, fraud, infringement of the rights of intellectual or industrial property.
  6. The user has complete freedom to access your data, correct or eliminate them by explicit request sent to the B-Parts.
  7. The B-Parts assumes the following commitments with users:
  8. Proceed to the processing of data lawful and fair, collecting only the necessary information
  9. Allow the data subject access and correction of information about you registered
  10. Maintaining accurate data and, if necessary, actual
  11. Ensure the right to free disposal of the data used when requested by the holder
  12. Have safety mechanisms to prevent the display, modification, destruction or addition of data by anyone not authorized to do so.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The General Usage Conditions are subject to Portuguese Law and all of them emerging issues the parties elect the City of Porto.